What Happened To All The Old Posts And Comments?

I have to apologize, because honestly, I am REALLY bummed out.

As everyone who follows and contributes to this site on a regular basis knows, this site used to have years of great posts and content and TONS of great interaction and contributions from the community.

Well, due to a web hosting disaster – no, I’m not going to name names – our web host said they had a server meltdown and for some reason the site backups that were supposed to be occurring weren’t. I was able to rebuild a few of the main pages from local backup I made a few years back, but unfortunately, all of the great content and interaction from the past almost 5 years is, well, gone.

Just know that I did not remove any of the old posts or any of your comments intentionally.

Now on to the future! Time to build a new so everyone, keep coming back and contributing!


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