Activities At Bryant Park

There’s Always Something Going On

Bryant Park is always bristling with activity. Everywhere you look, there’s always another event or activity to try out. The park has something for everyone, whether you’re a native or from out of town. It has cultural and historical offerings for the more sophisticated crowd, and carefree games for those who just want to have fun. No matter what you’re into, Bryant Park has something for you!

Lounging About

Bryant Park has something for everybody, even people who don’t really know what they want to do. Can’t decide what you want to buy, eat or watch? Then take a breather at the park lawn. Sit on a lawn chair or on the grass, eat snacks, chat with friends or just loiter about. The lawn is a great place to relax while being one with nature.

If you want something a little more enriching, you can visit the Reading Room. The room has all sorts of reading material from textbooks to magazines. The Reading Room is considered free space – come in, sit down, read, get up and leave. There’s no commitment required and no fees to pay.


If you love tabletop games, you can join in or even host your very own games. Tabletop games available for your enjoyment include Mah Jongg, Boggle, Chess, Checkers, Cards, Dominoes, Jenga, Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno and Yahtzee. There are also tabletop games designed for kids such as Pick-Up Sticks, Memory, Chutes and Ladders, Old Maid and Story Cubes.

You’re always free to drop by and join in a casual tabletop game, or if you want, you can wait for a scheduled tournament if competition is more your style. Speaking of competition, if the games mentioned above are too casual for you, you can try the park’s chess and backgammon games. The games are held in the plaza by 4th street and they are free of charge. The park has social games designed for beginners, and they also have tournaments if they want to win some prize money.

Entertainment Shows and Events

As part of Bryant Park’s renovation, the BPC brought back entertainment shows to gain more public attention. The traditional lives on even today.  Bryant Park Presents offers everything from comedy shows, music festivals, Shakespeare, and dance parties. These events take place at the park’s fountain terrace and the majority have free admission.

If you are a fan of theater, Broadway in Bryant Park by Lite FM is right up your alley. These events showcase the biggest hits of popular Broadway musicals like Wicked, Chicago, Fiddler on the Roof and many more.


If you’ve been looking for a reason to get fit, then the Bryant Park Boot Camp is right up your alley.  The boot camp is headed by fitness group The Ryse NYC, who meet at the fountain terrace on Wednesday mornings for some push-ups, crunches, cardio and running.

If that’s not your cup of tea, you can try Tai Chi instead. The Tai Chi Chuan Center offer Tai Chi lessons for all ages and expertise levels Tuesday and Thursday mornings at the fountain terrace. You can also join in on Bryant Park yoga sessions hosted by Athleta. Classes are held on Tuesday mornings at the upper terrace and Thursday evenings at the lawn.

Dance lessons are also available through Bryant Park Moves with the Limon Dance Company.  They have classes for all levels and meet at the northeast part of the lawn every Saturday morning.


Fencing lessons are being offered at the Fifth Avenue terrace every Friday afternoon from 1:30-2:30 pm. The classes are open to all levels, all of which are conducted by instructors of the Manhattan Fencing Center. Fencing equipment is provided on the spot, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing your own. Walk-ins are not allowed, so you have to pre-register for a slot in one of their classes.

Fly Fishing

Orvis, one of the oldest outfitter and fly fishing companies in New York hold beginner fly fishing classes in Bryant Park. Lessons are held at the Fifth Avenue terrace every Saturday from 10 in the morning to 12 noon. The classes are free of charge.

bp-le-carrouselLe Carrousel

This carousel is a testament to Bryant Park’s American and European roots. A great attraction for kids, the carousel is located at 40th street, the delightful French cabaret music wafting through the stalls and giant trees. Each ride costs $3, and parents can assist children who are too young to ride alone for free. Le Carrousel is also open for birthday party packages. Imagine having a birthday party with the merry-go-round as your main attraction!


Bryant Park is home to several concession stands and food stalls. If you’re feeling hungry, but you’re on a tight budget, stop by the Fifth Avenue Terrace from 11 am to 3 pm for the food trucks. The trucks are on a rotating schedule, so you get something new every day!

If you want to relax, take a sip of coffee while typing away on your laptop, you may want to try the Southwest Porch. Located by the southern tip of the Fountain Terrace, the Porch has the amenities to fill your stomach, and your gadget of choice. They have a wide selection of easy to munch on foods like burgers, sandwiches, salads and more. They also have power stations where you can recharge your tablet, laptop or phone..

If you want an American-themed menu, you can visit the Bryant Park Grill at the upper terrace. You can dine at the patio garden or rooftop garden and enjoy your meals while enjoying the different sights of Bryant Park. If you want something lighter, like a small snack instead of a large meal, then you can try the Bryant Park Café instead. Run by the same company, the cafe is also located on the upper terrace and features a lighter menu.