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Joseph RichardsonWhy I Built This Site

Once upon a time, there was an 8-year-old boy named Joey Richardson. Joe was the youngest of five children, and as such, he had to share almost everything with his siblings, including the attention of his parents. The only thing he didn’t need to share was Sunday afternoons with his dad at Bryant Park, which quickly turned into the one thing he looked forward to each week.

Joe’s dad loved to play chess. He was an average player at best, so he lost more matches than won. However, that didn’t matter to Joe or his dad. It was much more about the time they spent together and of course, the park. Joe always had fond memories of Bryant Park, of the chocolate ice cream cones and the occasional Belgian waffle. He remembered holding onto the hem of his father’s shirt, scared to lose him across the vast lawn. His dad’s chess companions were people from different walks of life. Some spoke in unique accents, and others looked foreign, but they all have one thing in common – they all had stories to tell.

Maybe this was why Joe’s dad didn’t mind losing all that much, and maybe why Joe never felt bored. In fact, he inherited his dad’s love for chess, and his love for Bryant Park. So much so that when he had his own children, he kept the spirit of weekends at the park alive.

And in the winter? Snowball fights, hot chocolate and ice skating almost every week on City Pond.

Hello, my name is Joseph Richardson, and this is my story. I’ve spent all my 35 years of existence in New York City and Bryant Park has been a part of my life through it all. From those idyllic, simple afternoons, it seems that Bryant Park and I have been “joined at the hip” as the years continue to march on. This was my primary study ground, along with the public library. The pond was where I met my girlfriend, and this was where I proposed to her 22 months later. Now, this is where I spend many weekend afternoons with my kids, and where they have to tolerate my endless ramblings about the “good old days”.

A lot of things have changed, and while Bryant Park now boasts more events and things to do, sadly this goes unnoticed by most of today’s generation, who always seem to be going somewhere or doing something. In my days, we didn’t have role play performances, morning yoga, and a plethora of other things and my Sundays were still the highlight of my week. This is why this site exists – because it’s not enough to share my love for Bryant Park with my kids, I want to share them to anyone who’s willing to listen.

To make the site more informative, I made it a point to do some research about Bryant Park. Initially, my love for the park stems from its significance in my life, but after some research, I realized just how much history and culture Bryant Park has. Do you know this unsuspecting park has its dirty secrets too? Aside from being a burial ground in the 1800s, it went through its dark ages in the 1970s, where it was known as a breeding ground for drug traffickers and prostitutes?

If you’re a true-blooded New Yorker who loves Bryant Park as much as I do, I’m glad to have you here. If you’re from out of town, or even out of state, and would like to experience the best of New York, come closer. If you’re a tourist from other parts of the globe or if you just migrated to the United States, welcome! I’m sure you’ll feel right at home on this site.

Joe Richardson